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Apartment Rentals and Listings

Are you looking for an apartment, and you want a place you can call home - a place with amenities you can use? We understand that it can feel daunting hunting for that right place. But we are here to take the hassle out of it for you and help you find that comfortable place.

Quality Service for You

We will listen to your basic needs as well as your wish

list and help match you to the place you'll love. Our team

is always available to answer any questions you may

have, and we provide the support you need through

the whole transition.

Find the perfect spot to call home.

- Apartments

- Multi family

- Single family

- Mixed-use buildings

- Studios

- Condos

- Co-ops

We've helped people find the space to call home for over 30 years at Balis Realty.

Call us for current listings and any questions you have.




You get FREE market analysis.


Renters and buyers: Call us today for daily reports on apartments and properties in your area.


Keith Balis is your licensed real estate broker and attorney to help you find the perfect fit.


- 30 years experience

- Personal service

- Community minded


Quality Service

We provide expert assistance during your search. We will help you understand your contract and search for that perfect location. Contact us to get started today.

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